We provide wide range of services related to stock Market. Want to be a full time trader ? or want to grab some profit in stock market ? or looking for amazing strategies to build consistent wealth in stock market.

Our Training modules includes everything from basis to advance, that any new trader will require. Stock market education is very important like Technical study, chart reading ability, stock’s fundamental study, etc. With out adopting a fixed & well-proven strategy it is very difficult to make profit in stock market.

…Looking for Building ALGOs

You can learn how to design & build your own ALGOs, API Integrations with your trading account to trade automatically. Special training program on building, testing & deploying auto-trade ALGOs is available. Also, training program includes collecting data in database, building various technical strategies, deployment over server to process trades.

Trading is fun ! Yes, it is, but with proper mentorship & training only. Jumping in stock market without a proven strategy never work. In return, there is a huge chance of risking the money & taking losses. If you understand the risk involved in stock market, and want to educate yourself on both technical & fundamental aspect as follows;

1. Chart Reading Techniques

2. Price Action

3. Algo building & Deployment

4. Volume Profiler Analysis

5. Advanced Option Strategies

6. Identifying Pre-Breakouts

7. Fundamental analysis

8. Risk & Trade Management

9. Candlestick Patterns

10. Advance Intraday Strategy

11. Advance Swing Strategy

12. Advance F&O Strategies

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