Live trading sessions are meant for regular live trading for a monthly salary approach in Equity Cash & Option Scalps.

Trading styles: Intraday in Equity Cash, Banknifty & Nifty Otion scalps


1. Minimum fund requirement: 1L for Equity Cash Intraday. 5L+ for Option Scalping
2. Live trading sessions will be using Zoom Meeting
3. Monthly Earning Target: 15%-30%+
4. Weekly 2-3 live trading sessions
5. Recorded video will be shared among all participants for knowledge sharing purpose once trading session is closed
6. Charges: 25,000 for 6 Months for Equity Cash Intraday. 50,000 for 3 Months for Option Scalps.

Who can apply:

1. At least 6+ Months of Experience in Trading
2. Have strong internet connection
3. Those who wants to become full time traders are most preferable

How to Join:

Can ping in Telegram @mausumip or whatsapp: 8658013933 to join live trading sessions. Preliminary training is mandatory and will be provided by the Mentor.